Your Turnaround Is Coming!!!

Sometimes, you just have to Google things for a BETTER clarification!!!  Thus being said, turnaround, defined by my BFF Google, says ‘an abrupt or unexpected change, esp. one that results in a more favorable situation.’  Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m sure we all know what turnaround means, to some extent…. But when we are looking to Christ for a turn around we expect Christ to change our life drastically, work a miracle, and move things, and we expect it to happen now!!! Well, I don’t know how your God works, but MY God doesn’t work on my command!!! Instead he works according to HIS PERFECT WILL!!!

Now, with that being said, God sends us people, situations, circumstances, messages, dreams, and ANYTHING ELSE we can think of to prepare us for our turnaround!! And this is EXACTLY what is happening at New Monumental Baptist Church in 2014. Pastor Ware has proclaimed 2014 as our year or TURNAROUND and we are excited to see what The Lord will bring us to and through for us to embrace our turnaround!!!

Every THURSDAY in April, we are preparing to hear an AMAZING WORD from some GREAT preachers and teachers during our Turn Around Thursdays ::  Spring Outreach Revival.

 NMBC Revival


Thursday, April 3 we will be blessed by a message from Pastor James McCarroll. Pastor McCarroll is the pastor of First Baptist Church in Murfreesboro, TN. Pastor McCarrol has ‘dedicated his life to bringing the message of faith, hope, and love in God through Jesus Christ.

Since his arrival to First Baptist Church in 2006, God has used Pastor McCarroll to bring about a revival in the congregational life to harvest a greater community impact.  Led by the power of the Spirit of God, First Baptist Church has witnessed numerical, organizational, and—most importantly—spiritual growth.  Inspired by the display of love and unity within the congregation, he has labeled the church as, “the greatest church this side of Heaven.”  He truly believes that he has only experienced great achievements as a pastor because of the great faithfulness of God and the love and support of the congregation.’

Now, I have to disagree about First Baptist being the greatest church this side of Heaven…. Because New Monumental IS the best church, this side of Heaven….. But we are so excited to hear the word that Pastor McCarroll will be bringing forth on Thursday night!

Pastor McCarroll

As stated earlier, Turn Around Thursdays IS an outreach revival, and we are looking to impact our community by donating items each week for a particular cause!!! This week, April 3, we will be collecting NEW and Gently Used  CHILDREN’S BOOKS for the Chattanooga “Drop Everything and Read” initiative. If you have ANY books that you would like to donate, PLEASE meet us at New Monumental on Thursday at 7PM to enjoy the revival and deliver your donation.

Not only are we looking forward to the kind words of Pastor McCaroll, but we are also looking forward to the beautiful sounds of Mr. Courtney Franklin. THIS MAN CAN SANG, yall….. You don’t want to miss him EITHER!!! Check him out!!


I guess OVERALL, if you live in the BEAUTIFUL city of Chattanooga, TN you should plan on being at New Monumental Baptist Church, located at 901 Woodmore Lane, EVERY Thursday in April! You don’t want to miss a message that God has for YOU in regards to your turnaround! So if you are reading this…. Plan on being at New Monumental and plan on bringing atleast 3 of your friends, collegues, foes, neighbors, or ANYONE that could use a word from the Lord!!! We cant wait to see you there!!!

901 Woodmore Lane :: Chattanooga, TN 37411

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3 thoughts on “Your Turnaround Is Coming!!!

  1. Miss Ellie B… Very inspirational! Please pray for God’s Will here in Columbia TN! Mighty things are happening!

  2. Good job Miss Elle B or Lauryn as I call u.

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