They Hung Him High!!!!

Happy Resurrection Weekend folks!!! As the Lenten season is coming to a close, and we prepare to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ, remember all the madness Christ went through for US!! Christ died for us to live life more abundantly. His GRACE and MERCY has saved us, and has granted us eternal life even though we sin and fall short of the glory!!!

Lets thank God RIGHT NOW, for ALL he does for us, and all he hs done!!! Lets thank him for eternal life! Lets thank him for meeting us where we are!! Lets thank him for being a constant provider, protector, comforter, lover, healer, friend, Savior…. Lets thank him for dying for our salvation!

And as we think back over all the things we have done in our lives, all the times that if it wasn’t for Christ we could have been dead and gone. All those times we were drunk out of our mind or so high on a controlled substance that we were uncontrollable!! Think about all the sexual partners that we’ve been with, yet we are free of STDs, no HIV/AIDs. Think about that season of depression, that we thought we had absolutely NOTHING and absolutely NO-ONE, but we survived.  This was God folks!!!

The Resurrection of Christ has granted us NEW MERCIES!!! Because he died and rose, we are able to rise above all of our mess and live an awesome life according to Gods will.

Hope your Resurrection Sunday is powerful!!! Be blessed!!



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