The Love Fast: Day 3

Love is PATIENT… Love is KIND!!! But what does this mean? How do we remain patient and kind in the midst of ignorance and disrespect? How do we let our light shine without snapping when others around us are being blatantly rude and egregious? How about when our sibling, child, coworker, or honey annoys us to the point of no return, how do we remain patient and kind then?!?!?

patient and kind

Walking in patience and kindness is HARD!! But if it wasn’t essential to our relationship with Christ, why would this be in God’s definition of love? 1 Timothy 1:5 states, “show love in EVERYTHING you do”! To me, that CLEARLY states that in all I participate in, in EVERY aspect of my life, I need to walk in patience and kindness, as these are aspects of LOVE!! And God is LOVE!!!

Google defines patient as the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset, as the MacMillian Dictionary defines kind (adj) as behaving in a way that shows you cared about other people and want to help them.  So putting these together, in my own words, we are commanded by scripture to accept or tolerate being mistreated without getting into our feelings and becoming angry, rather, we should behave in a way that allows our aggressor to know that we still care about them, even though they have hurt us!

Whew, THAT IS HARD!!! But as a Christian, we should constantly be seeking how to be more like Christ, which would make being patient and kind a lot easier. Let’s read 2 Peter 1:2-11, as suggested, there are different versions, so read whichever you prefer. I like the Contemporary English Version and the Living Bible (never heard of this version until now via a Google search), but it reads VERY easy!! — Click the version for the text!!

This particular scripture charges us to constantly seek Christ more so that we can reap the benefits of his love! If we can live a CHRIST CENTERED life, we will be able to see all the ways that God moves in us. We can openly love the way that God loves, and we will be able to cherish the AMAZINGLY AWESOME people that God puts in our lives. If we can consciously be more like Christ, we will be better men and women to your future mate, and we will have the tools to successfully pass EVERY test that we are faced with.

With all that being said, I challenge you to begin practicing being patient and kind in EVERYTHING you do! I challenge you to continue to learn about God’s love so that you can align your life to his will. We are all fasting for different reasons, but I can guarantee you that if we look at our actions from the WWJD (what would Jesus do) mindset, we will draw closer to him and get more from our fast and and in everyday life as well!

God has SO MUCH in store for you, but he wants you to the BEST Christian you can be and set an example for those that are not familiar to his word or to an active Christian lifestyle!

Heavenly Father, THANK YOU!!! Thank you for being SO AMAZING!!! For being a present help in the midst of my mess! Thank you for loving me in spite of my wrongdoings and protecting me when I didn’t deserve it! Thank you for my fellow brothers and sisters that are participating in this fast with me and for giving all of us the desire to cling to you more! Lord I pray that you will grant me a heart of patience and kindness. Give me all of the characteristics to love how you love. Give me the strength to hold my tongue when I am tested and to smile even when I am unhappy. Lord teach me how to be patient in ALL THINGS and how to be kind despite of the circumstances! Lord continue to prepare me to be a great mate to Mr./Mrs. Future! Lord continue to mold me to be a better person in you and give me the desires to lean onto your will and your ways. Lord I thank you for all that you are doing in my life and all that you prepare to do in my life as well. I know that I sin and I fall short of your glory, so I ask for forgiveness for ANY sin that I have committed! Lord I thank you and I praise you! All these things I ask in your son Jesus name I pray! 

Amen and Praise God


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