Happy Birthday Pastor Ware!!!

Finding a church home after my divorce was VERY hard! I knew I wanted to be in a place where the music ministry was AWESOME, the pastor preached a sound word, the pastor openly loved his or her spouse. I wanted to go somewhere that I would be able to jump into ministry and grow in Christ! Praise the Lord!! My little sister Taz invited me to New Monumental SEVERAL times, and I always declined her offer or told her maybe another day!!


About a year ago, I finally went! And I haven’t stop going since! Pastor Ware was one of the most genuine people that I ever heard deliver the word. He was very transparent, yet he truly brought a word from God! The first Sunday I was at New Monumental, he preached and was ALL UP IN MY BUSINESS!!! The Holy Spirit was speaking to me like never before and I was hooked! The music ministry was on point, you could see the praise in the singers! 

Well, about 2 months later, I finally joined the church! I had to call the church for something and Pastor Ware answered the phone. COMPLETELY caught me off guard! He knew exactly who I was when I called, I’m sure with some assistance, but he was just so genuine and he welcomed me to the church and extended his help if I ever needed anything! Just so genuine and funny!!! Well to say the least, it made me feel so much more comfortable at NMBC.


So today, I just want to wish you a Happy Birthday Pastor! I pray that is year is even greater than your last! I pray that this year exceeds any expectation that you may have and that all of your wishes and dreams come true! Pastor you are such a genuine person and I really appreciate you for being you! I appreciate your kinds words, and you huge heart! Pastor Ware, today is your day and I pray you enjoy EVERY MINUTE of it!!! Have a beautiful and happy birthday!! 

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