Bring Back Our Girls!!!


As many of us celebrated Mother’s Day today, I could only think about the Nigerian mothers still mourning the abduction of their daughters. Such a tragic event and so little is being done!!

My prayer today is that the Holy Spirit consume these parents and give them peace in the time of a storm. I know that’s easier said than done, but I serve an almighty God that can do exceedingly and abundantly above all we could ask or think.


My prayer is that these daughters know Christ, or that the Lord will send someone to tell them the good news. I pray that our girls are protected, and that they have the strength to fight in such a tough battle. I pray that our girls are “Safe ln His Arms”.


Bring Back Our Girls!!! These girls deserve the rest of their lives. They deserve the right to an education. They deserve the right to express themselves. They deserve to be with their families. They deserve so much, that has been taken away by the Islamic Terrorists!! Jesus, bless their hearts!!!


Jesus protect these babies. Hold them, consume them!!! Fill them with the Holy Spirit so they can feel your love. Lord bless them, protect them, LOVE them. In Jesus name I pray!!! Amen and Praise God!!

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One thought on “Bring Back Our Girls!!!

  1. mm hodges says:

    this is a wonderful post. Our, my thoughts and prayers are with the girls and their families.

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