The 7th Day!!

Today is the 7th Day of journey that I am on, and my “Biffle” Myron wrote me a devotional for today!! It was written so well, I wanted to share with the world!!! Thank you Myron for your encouraging words today! Love you dearly my friend!!


The seventh day is the last day of the week and just beyond it is another set of days to begin anew, but sometimes, that 24 hours before the new week could almost seem like an eternity. When we feel ourselves slipping from our path and constantly being bombarded with all of the emotions and situations associated with pursuing our future can bring… a natural human reaction is to give up and start over the next week. We feel at times that we are praying and hoping for something that we cannot ascertain, but the all-seeing and all-knowing God will deliver us from this things that try to consume our lives and take our attention away from God’s work. Romans 8:24-25 states, “We are saved by trusting. And trusting means looking forward to getting something we don’t yet have—for a man who already has something doesn’t need to hope and trust that he will get it. But if we must keep trusting God for something that hasn’t happened yet, it teaches us to wait patiently and confidently.”

My friend, we have both heard the lesson of being patient… so over the remaining days of this journey, Trust in God and know that He is preparing you according to His Will. In the mean time, allow your trust in His promise to be assured and I am sure that your waiting will not go in vain.
Father God, we come to you with humble hearts, minds and with a renewed sense of patience in your Will to take part in our lives. In times of weakness and struggle to get through our situations, Lord we pray that we seek you for better understanding of Your Word and the patience to see Your great works manifest in our lives. I pray that we are of full understanding of the power of prayer and how it can turn our insurmountable obstacles into valuable lessons to further prepare us for our future. Thank you for allowing us to be believers and know that all things will work together for the good. We praise you, we honor you, and we love you with all of our being. We pray these things in the magnificent name of Jesus, Amen and Praise God!

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