No Justice…. No Peace!!!

Ferg MO

Yesterday, MANY African Americans felt as though we were FAILED once again as a race. Many feel that, there has been an injustice within our community, and that we have been dehumanized by the judicial system. Many are pained via the verdict of the Michael Brown case and feel that Officer Darren Wilson should be prosecuted, if not more!!

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t like the outcome of the trial nor do I agree with the verdict. I feel the pain that the Ferguson community is feeling! I feel the hurt of our people!! I see the attack on our brown men and boys!! I see the injustice! I see why I have to cover my son in prayer! I see the reason Tenderoni wants to move outside the United States! I see the discrimination!!! I see the pain… I feel it!! I see why there is rioting, protesting, and looting…. But I DO NOT AGREE WITH IT!!!

As an African American I am truly sad with the outcome of this situation! I am hurt to know that I have a son that potentially will be profiled for the rest of his life! I am hurt to see how hard my son will have to work to prove himself a GOOD MAN whereas mean and boys of other races get it easy! I am hurt that brother will endure such discrimination as a black man! I hate that my black male friends will be seen in a negative light without even expressing an opinion! I hate that my nephews and cousins will grow up in a world where they are looked down upon because of  the color of their skin…… BUT GOD!!!

God already has a plan!!! God knows EXACTLY what Ferguson needs!!! He knows EXACTLY what America needs, and as a Christian, WE know what is needed as well!!! A little bit more of Him!!!! The God that we serve can turn our MOURNING into DANCING!!! He can turn our problems into joy!!! He can flip the rioting/looting/protesting into a prayer meeting!!! HE CAN!!! But with our help!!!

Matthew 5:13  says “You are the salt of the earth. But what good is salt if it has lost its flavor? Can you make it salty again? It will be thrown out and trampled underfoot as worthless.” Our ministry is our salt!!! We have to pour into our communities to be ONE instead of divided!!! We know that God can do exceedingly and abundantly above all we could ask or think, and right now we should be praying for this turn around!!! We don’t want to be the Christians that are “salty” on Sunday morning, but NOT WORTH the “no salt seasoning” when it comes to  our every day lives!!

RIGHT NOW, Ferguson NEEDS the salt!! Ferguson/St. Louis needs some PRAYING saints to cover the community!!! This community needs people that will sprinkle a little Jesus and pray for peace!!!

Instead of No Justice… No Peace!!! How about KNOW Justice…. KNOW Peace!!!

Know that we serve a JUST God, one that promises to take care of the situation instead of us taking revenge (Romans 12:19)… Isaiah 30:18 reads “Yet the Lord longs to be gracious to you; therefore he will rise up to show you compassion. For the Lord is a God of justice. Blessed are all who wait for him!” God wants justice to be served in EVERY situation in our lives but He does not want His grace to be used as a “get out of Hell card…. We need to HONOR Him and WAIT on Him, and guess what, justice WILL come to pass!!! Now don’t get me wrong, Isaiah 1:17 says for us to seek justice!!! But seeking justice is not us terrorizing our community, being angry and violent. We need to seek justice by seeking Christ and lingering to his EVERY move!!! 


I do not agree with the actions taken in Ferguson RIGHT NOW…. I don’t agree with the burning of buildings and tearing down a community because of one’s dissatisfaction. I don’t agree with rocks being thrown at reporters and whomever else…. I DON’T AGREE…. But I do agree that if we can stand along side of one another and show those the GOODNESS of GOD, and pray for one another!! Pray for justice to be served THROUGH Jesus, we would be in a better place right now!!!

Know JUSTICE through our JUST God!!! Know PEACE through the one that can calm a storm!!

Y’all, God is in control!!! Stop allowing your “free will” to conduct the business of the enemy!!! We are #TeamJesus and should act as such DAY IN and DAY OUT!!!

With that being said…. You Salty Or Nah???

Salt and Light

Be the salt that God needs us to be in the midst of a storm!!! Be the light that will ensure that everything WILL be okay because you know Jesus!! Be SALTY on purpose!!!

Prayer: Thank you God for today!!! Yesterday, and tomorrow!!! Thank you for being a JUST God in the midst of a storm!!! Thank you for your peace that surpasses all understanding!! Thank you for your saving Grace and your new mercies EVERY morning!!! Lord right now I lift up Ferguson/St. Louis to you!!! I pray that there are some sprinkles of salt in the midst of this storm! I pray that you will shine a light for all of the city to see!!  I pray that you will heal the hurt of your children and allow them a closer walk with you during this situation. Lord I lift the Brown family to you! You know their hurt and pain! You know exactly where to meet their needs. Father I pray that you will be with every member of the Brown Family and everyone of your children in Ferguson and the surrounding cities. Lord I pray for all the business owners that are experiencing the rath of the situation and that are having to start over from nothing!!! Lord be with your people; be with the men and women that are sprinkling salt! Be with those that want to spread your word but cannot due to fear. Lord I know that you have not given us the spirit of fear, rather, that of POWER, so I pray for that power to be released over your people. Lord we praise you and thank you for the MIGHTY things that we know you can and will do!!! We love you Jesus!!

Amen and Praise God!!


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