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Loving A Broken Man!!!

Recently, my friend Ace posted this picture on Facebook that asked “Are you woman enough to love a broken man?”  I read the post and almost cried instantly.  I don’t know why but that post weighed VERY HEAVY on my heart!!!

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I know some of Ace’s story, I know how hurt and broken down he has been over the last 7 years.  I have heard the pain in his voice when he tells his story.  I have read the social media posts, and can read behind the words, my friend is hurt!  He and I have a similar story, being that we both experienced domestic violence, and were both on the receiving end.  Yes, I know we don’t hear about men that were victims of DV often, yet it happens.

Overall though, my friend Ace IS a BROKEN MAN!!

It truly hurts me to know how hurt he is, when ultimately he just wants a God fearing woman on his team that will support him, uplift him, encourage him, spend quality time with him, and allow him to lead her closer to Christ.  I guess that is not too much to ask, but as a woman, loving a broken man can be tough. We can see the potential that he has, and we know where he has been, and we want to fix him.  Or even worst, we want him to put a band aide on the brokenness and be Superman for us.


Loving a broken man will require lots and lots of prayer. Only God can fix the hurt that he has endured. Only God can mend him into the man that he is called to be.  Being a prayer warrior for Mr. Right will not only encourage him to get better, but will also allow him to know that you are on his team and in it for the long run.  Praying with and for him lets him know that, though you may not understand his hurt, you identify with it because it is a part of him.  Think about it, his brokenness is a part of him that you ultimately fell in love with.

Colossians 4:2 (NLT) tells us “Devote yourselves to prayer with an alert mind and a thankful heart”. Being alert while praying allows us to hear God when he speaks to us regarding our prayer.  He is able to speak to us clearly because we are in an intimate place with him and we want his glory revealed.  Consequently, we are at an intimate place in Christ and thankful for the amazing things that we know God can and will do.  Going into prayer with a thankful heart is telling God that you appreciate the moves he is making on your behalf prior to him even moving. We already know that Christ can do exceedingly and abundantly above all we can ask or think (Ephesians 3:20), so praying with a thankful heart confirms that we know the power of prayer. The broken man that you are praying for NEEDS your covering just as he needs his own.  He needs a prayer warrior that knows that he is in a broken state, but wants the Lord to move on his behalf according to God’s will.  Your broken man is not dependent on your prayers, but he is relieved to know that you love him for where he is and you are trusting God to take him to greater heights through Him.


Let us all remember, broken crayons still color, however we have to be more careful being that the crayon is in a broken state.  We have to be careful as it relates to a broken man as well.  Though he has many amazing qualities, there are areas in his life that he is working on and rebuilding to be a better him.  As you two continue to work together and grow as a couple, remember that you have to grow even more in Christ.  Ephesians 4:2-3 (Contemporary English Version) says “Always be humble and gentle. Patiently put up with each other and love each other. Try your best to lets God’s Spirit keep your hearts united.  Do this by living in peace.”  As a woman, being humble, gentle, patient, and having genuine love will take you further than you would ever know.  Men crave a woman that will be an encourager, a woman that will lift him when he is down, someone that will be genuine at heart in every aspect of her life and his.  As you grow together and grow in Christ, Ephesians 4:2-3 should resonate in your hearts and unity through the Holy Spirit should be your ultimate goal.


Loving a broken man is not the easiest thing in the world, but it’s not that bad!  We serve and awesome God that will give you the strength to uplift even when you don’t feel like it. We serve a God that will give you peace in the midst of a storm, and the words to encourage when you feel he just needs to ‘man up’.  My friend Ace, the broken man that prompted this post, will be fine.  He has a divine calling on his life that is allowing God to move like he has never moved before.  Though he has struggled with relationships over the last several years, I know that God has an AMAZING God Fearing woman that will complete him like never before.  She will love him for who he is, she will be patient when he is having a trying time.  This woman will embrace everything that he has to offer and spend the quality time that he requires. She will be his teammate,  he will be the point guard and she the shooting guard. They will have each others back in the midst of any storm, and work together to rebuild after the rain. Ultimately, she will be everything that he has dreamed of!! And I praise the Lord in advance for blessing this man, a man that holds a very special place in my heart, for giving him all of his hearts desires.

If you are a single woman, and God sends a broken man your way, know that God is using you to minister to him in ways he will never know.  Be you, be genuine, and accept him for who he is!  If you are currently dating a broken man, know that God is using you as a vessel.  He is allowing you to be a blessing to a man that needs everything that you bring to the table.  Ladies, continue to fear God and lean to him.  He has the answers to your prayers, answers that you could never dream of (Jeremiah 33:3).  Though times may get tough, but remember ALL THINGS work together for your good, because you love Him and trust His will (Romans 8:28)!!!

Fellas, if you are a broken man, and you have an AMAZING woman on your team, let her know that you appreciate her for the woman that she is.  She may not understand why you feel the way that you do, being that you were broken during a prior relationship, but if she loves the Lord, He will provide her with all she needs to support you.  Not every woman that you meet will be a woman that God wants in your life.  Be prayerful that He will lead you to the woman that has all the qualities that will encourage you to become a better man.  ALSO, just because you are a broken man doesn’t mean that you are defeated.  God has a great plan for you and your life, he wants to see you prosper and live an amazing live through Him (Jeremiah 29:11).  Don’t get discouraged, everything that you have been through has molded you into the man that God wants you to be.  And he is moving on your behalf, RIGHT NOW (Isaiah 64:4)!

Broken Men and Beautiful Women trust God!  He is preparing you for an amazing life in Him. 

My Prayer: Lord we thank you! We thank you for the broken men and the women that love them. We thank you for all of the trials and tribulations that any broken man has faced for we know that you are working on his behalf right now. Father we pray for healing of any broken man, woman, or child that needs you and needs your love. I pray that you will consume them and love on them like never before. Father I pray that you will provide a mountain of protection around any broken person and that you will allow them to see you like never before. Father, heal them. Love them. Restore them. Give them the tools to become better in you. Give them friends and family that will pray with and for them. Lord, for that broken man out there that doesn’t see hope in relationships, I pray you will send someone that will show him the love of Christ Jesus. Father we thank you now for being so amazing! We thank you now for your love, your word, your grace, and your new mercies that you bestow on us EVERY MORNING. Lord we thank you. Father we know that you can and will do exceedingly and abundantly above all we could ask or think and we just thank you for moving so mightily. Father we love you, we thank you, and we praise you. In Jesus MIGHTY, MATCHLESS, and MAJESTIC name we pray. 

Amen and Praise God!!! 


 If you, or someone you know, is a victim of Domestic Violence, call the National Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) OR TTY 1-800-787-3224

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The Love Fast: Day 8

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As for me, I’m like most females! I have dreamed of the perfect fairy tale for my life! I just knew that by age 25 I would have been graduated from college, working my dream job, married to the MOST AMAZING man this side of Heaven has to offer, and running around after a chocolate-drop (kid) or two. I had so many plans for my life; however, I am quickly realizing that my wants are not God’s will! So I have just begun to pray! Not only am I praying for myself, but I am praying for my future husband!

Now when my women’s group said that they prayed for “Mr. Future”, I thought they were CRAZY!!! I just knew that these ladies were a little special, but then I began to pray. I prayed for my future, my son’s future, and my prayer journeyed to Mr. Future. I felt pretty liberated to pray for a man that wasn’t in my life yet. I prayed for his health, his wellness, his future, his mindset, his career, his parenting, his relationship with Christ, his family, just so many things! I just began to cover him in prayer!!! Weird, I know!!! But hey, why not??

Praying for my future husband has really opened my mindset about prayer. Phillipians 4:6 says “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God”. As much as I want to be married, I had to really rely on this scripture! And the more I prayed, I began to feel satisfaction in just lifting him up in prayer.

Job 42:10 says: “And the Lord restored the fortunes of Job, when he had prayed for his friends. And the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before.”  So, let us break this down, The Lord restored the fortunes of _____________ (ß your name here), when you pray for your friends (your future spouse should be your BEST FRIEND, your ride or die, your prayer partner, your ACE). And the Lord gave _____________ (ß your name here) twice as much as he had before (your spouse, your babies, the love you pray for). Below you will find several prayers to constantly pray for your future spouse, I am stealing these from another blog, but they covered my list and more!!

  1. Pray for his/her walk with God, that he/she continues to grow spiritually and is prepped to be the spiritual partner, and that he/she makes God the top priority in his/her life.
  2. Pray for his/her ability to hear God’s voice, for his/her ear to be in tune to hear all of God’s instructions.
  3. Pray for his/her will to be bendable toward whatever God wants for his/her life.
  4. Pray for his/her emotional health—that any past wounds be dealt with and healed. Pray for restoration in all areas.
  5. Pray for his/her physical health.
  6. Pray that he/she break free of any unhealthy addictions, if needed.
  7. Pray for his/her career, his/her life’s work, that he/she be established in the field where God wants to use him/her and that he/she be wise with his resources.
  8. Pray for his/her ministry—that he/she be sensitive to God’s call on his/her life when it comes to ministering to and serving others. Also, pray for God to prepare both of you for the ways you will minister together.
  9. Pray for his/her preparation—that he/she yields to all that God’s potter’s hands would like to accomplish in him/her.
  10. Pray for God to send any trials necessary into his/her life that will allow the preparation process to be complete.
  11. Pray for God to prepare him/her to be a father/mother, if the two of you will ultimately raise a family together.
  12. Pray for God to help him/her be responsible with his/her finances and prepare him/her to be a significant contributor and provider to the household.
  13. Pray for him/her to not be distracted by any counterfeits—especially other women/men that God doesn’t intend to use for his/her growth.
  14. Pray for God to allow this man/woman to see you the way God wants you to be seen, with God’s heart toward you.
  15. Pray for God to show you how to pray for your husband/wife. Be open to whatever His Spirit may whisper to you, to cover your husband’s/wife’s needs. If you feel God gives you something specific, write it down and date it. Save it for later.

In the beginning, covering your future spouse in prayer is HARD!!! But know that God has someone ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for you! Keep your relationship with Christ at the top of your prayer list, as you are seeking love! But know that he has it all in control! He has your life planned out to a T and he will provide everything you need! Jesus loves you, and he is preparing you for your future mate, just as he is preparing your mate for you!!!

Prayer: Heavenly Father, I come to you today first just to say THANK YOU!!! You’ve been oh so good to me, and you meet my needs day after day, and I just thank you!!! Father I am asking you for discernment as I seek my future spouse! I ask you to cover my mate and myself as you are preparing us for each other! Lord I ask you for protection, for favor, for your love and your covering! Lord I ask that you will just be with me as I am on my love journey! Father I love you and I praise you for all the great things you are doing in my life and will do in my future! I say this prayer in your son Jesus name I pray!

Amen and Praise God!!!


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The Love Fast: Day 1

Not too long ago, a very good friend of mine told me about “The Love Fast”. I was VERY interested in the fast, but he had no scriptural references, he was just fasting from ‘love’ and ‘lust of the eye’…. So I prayed…… And here we go!!!


Matthew 6:16-18 (Contemporary English Version) reads like this about fasting: When you go without eating, don’t try to look gloomy as those show-offs do when they go without eating. I can assure you that they already have their reward.  Instead, comb your hair and wash your face. Then others won’t know you are going without eating. But your Father sees what is done in private, and he will reward you.

With that being said, this fast is between you and God. You don’t have to share your intentions to fast with anyone, just put your trust in him and he will provide. He will lead you and direct you…… But most of all, he will reward you!!!

As I’m doing this fast, I’m praying about a specific person. I’m asking God for clarification of my feelings and emotions!! Take this time to get intimate with Christ, but you can ALSO pray for a specific person of interest in which you are wanting clarification of your situation. Or pray that God will lead you to the person that he has for you, and that you and he/she is ready to embrace all the God has for you two. Or, you can even just pray for your future spouse; cover them now, for a situation they are in may be prolonging you from meeting or moving forward!

Day 1 is easy. It’s just a run down of the fast, and what is expected…… So here we go!!!

The Purpose: ‘The Love Fast’ is to promote the love of Christ in your life. It is designed that you may find understanding in God’s word and the direction he has for you and your love life. You may also find your purpose in Christ as it relates to the true direction in which He is leading you with your future mate.

This fast is a time for you to intimately talk to Christ and find out what he desires for you as you add new loving relationships to your life! The fast will honestly be different for different people, being that we are all in different stages of our lives in regards to relationships. So pray and focus on what fits YOU most!!!

The Fast: Within this fast, you should not have contact with any of your exes nor anyone you are attracted to, have feelings for, are interested in, or anything else of the sort. You should not participate in sexual activity of any kind, including masturbation, and you should remove any distractions that take your focus off of Christ and yourself. I suggest getting rid of social media during the fast, so that you are not tempted to lust after and communicate with beautiful people. And yes, a double tap on Instagram is communication.

How Long: 14 days….. Not too bad!! Hey, it’s 2 weeks, you got this, you can do it!!

The Word: Each day will have a scriptural reference. Read it, in different versions of the Bible if you must, but ensure you have a clear understanding of what you are reading! The word of God should draw you nearer to Christ during your fast and you should begin to see your relationship with him become more intimate.

Random Acts of LOVE:  Some days will have a RANDOM act of love for you to engage in. I suggest you read your devotional in the morning so you can prepare for your random act of LOVE throughout the day.

I guess that’s it….. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to me. Ellebsaidwhat@gmail.com.

I hope the Holy Spirit is able to move in you over the next few days and you are able to find true love in HIM!

Prayer: Father God, I come to you, thanking you for life, love, relationships, and you just being you… Thank you for being a forgiving God and a merciful God and someone who loves me in spite of all my sin and wrong doings. Lord I pray today that you will open my mind and heart to love like you love. Show me a sense of self love in which I’ve never experienced and a future in you that goes above and beyond all I could ask or think. I love you God and I praise you in advance for all you are doing and will do in my life. I say this prayer in your son Jesus name I pray.

Amen and praise God!!

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