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No Justice…. No Peace!!!

Ferg MO

Yesterday, MANY African Americans felt as though we were FAILED once again as a race. Many feel that, there has been an injustice within our community, and that we have been dehumanized by the judicial system. Many are pained via the verdict of the Michael Brown case and feel that Officer Darren Wilson should be prosecuted, if not more!!

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t like the outcome of the trial nor do I agree with the verdict. I feel the pain that the Ferguson community is feeling! I feel the hurt of our people!! I see the attack on our brown men and boys!! I see the injustice! I see why I have to cover my son in prayer! I see the reason Tenderoni wants to move outside the United States! I see the discrimination!!! I see the pain… I feel it!! I see why there is rioting, protesting, and looting…. But I DO NOT AGREE WITH IT!!!

As an African American I am truly sad with the outcome of this situation! I am hurt to know that I have a son that potentially will be profiled for the rest of his life! I am hurt to see how hard my son will have to work to prove himself a GOOD MAN whereas mean and boys of other races get it easy! I am hurt that brother will endure such discrimination as a black man! I hate that my black male friends will be seen in a negative light without even expressing an opinion! I hate that my nephews and cousins will grow up in a world where they are looked down upon because of  the color of their skin…… BUT GOD!!!

God already has a plan!!! God knows EXACTLY what Ferguson needs!!! He knows EXACTLY what America needs, and as a Christian, WE know what is needed as well!!! A little bit more of Him!!!! The God that we serve can turn our MOURNING into DANCING!!! He can turn our problems into joy!!! He can flip the rioting/looting/protesting into a prayer meeting!!! HE CAN!!! But with our help!!!

Matthew 5:13  says “You are the salt of the earth. But what good is salt if it has lost its flavor? Can you make it salty again? It will be thrown out and trampled underfoot as worthless.” Our ministry is our salt!!! We have to pour into our communities to be ONE instead of divided!!! We know that God can do exceedingly and abundantly above all we could ask or think, and right now we should be praying for this turn around!!! We don’t want to be the Christians that are “salty” on Sunday morning, but NOT WORTH the “no salt seasoning” when it comes to  our every day lives!!

RIGHT NOW, Ferguson NEEDS the salt!! Ferguson/St. Louis needs some PRAYING saints to cover the community!!! This community needs people that will sprinkle a little Jesus and pray for peace!!!

Instead of No Justice… No Peace!!! How about KNOW Justice…. KNOW Peace!!!

Know that we serve a JUST God, one that promises to take care of the situation instead of us taking revenge (Romans 12:19)… Isaiah 30:18 reads “Yet the Lord longs to be gracious to you; therefore he will rise up to show you compassion. For the Lord is a God of justice. Blessed are all who wait for him!” God wants justice to be served in EVERY situation in our lives but He does not want His grace to be used as a “get out of Hell card…. We need to HONOR Him and WAIT on Him, and guess what, justice WILL come to pass!!! Now don’t get me wrong, Isaiah 1:17 says for us to seek justice!!! But seeking justice is not us terrorizing our community, being angry and violent. We need to seek justice by seeking Christ and lingering to his EVERY move!!! 


I do not agree with the actions taken in Ferguson RIGHT NOW…. I don’t agree with the burning of buildings and tearing down a community because of one’s dissatisfaction. I don’t agree with rocks being thrown at reporters and whomever else…. I DON’T AGREE…. But I do agree that if we can stand along side of one another and show those the GOODNESS of GOD, and pray for one another!! Pray for justice to be served THROUGH Jesus, we would be in a better place right now!!!

Know JUSTICE through our JUST God!!! Know PEACE through the one that can calm a storm!!

Y’all, God is in control!!! Stop allowing your “free will” to conduct the business of the enemy!!! We are #TeamJesus and should act as such DAY IN and DAY OUT!!!

With that being said…. You Salty Or Nah???

Salt and Light

Be the salt that God needs us to be in the midst of a storm!!! Be the light that will ensure that everything WILL be okay because you know Jesus!! Be SALTY on purpose!!!

Prayer: Thank you God for today!!! Yesterday, and tomorrow!!! Thank you for being a JUST God in the midst of a storm!!! Thank you for your peace that surpasses all understanding!! Thank you for your saving Grace and your new mercies EVERY morning!!! Lord right now I lift up Ferguson/St. Louis to you!!! I pray that there are some sprinkles of salt in the midst of this storm! I pray that you will shine a light for all of the city to see!!  I pray that you will heal the hurt of your children and allow them a closer walk with you during this situation. Lord I lift the Brown family to you! You know their hurt and pain! You know exactly where to meet their needs. Father I pray that you will be with every member of the Brown Family and everyone of your children in Ferguson and the surrounding cities. Lord I pray for all the business owners that are experiencing the rath of the situation and that are having to start over from nothing!!! Lord be with your people; be with the men and women that are sprinkling salt! Be with those that want to spread your word but cannot due to fear. Lord I know that you have not given us the spirit of fear, rather, that of POWER, so I pray for that power to be released over your people. Lord we praise you and thank you for the MIGHTY things that we know you can and will do!!! We love you Jesus!!

Amen and Praise God!!


The 7th Day!!

Today is the 7th Day of journey that I am on, and my “Biffle” Myron wrote me a devotional for today!! It was written so well, I wanted to share with the world!!! Thank you Myron for your encouraging words today! Love you dearly my friend!!


The seventh day is the last day of the week and just beyond it is another set of days to begin anew, but sometimes, that 24 hours before the new week could almost seem like an eternity. When we feel ourselves slipping from our path and constantly being bombarded with all of the emotions and situations associated with pursuing our future can bring… a natural human reaction is to give up and start over the next week. We feel at times that we are praying and hoping for something that we cannot ascertain, but the all-seeing and all-knowing God will deliver us from this things that try to consume our lives and take our attention away from God’s work. Romans 8:24-25 states, “We are saved by trusting. And trusting means looking forward to getting something we don’t yet have—for a man who already has something doesn’t need to hope and trust that he will get it. But if we must keep trusting God for something that hasn’t happened yet, it teaches us to wait patiently and confidently.”

My friend, we have both heard the lesson of being patient… so over the remaining days of this journey, Trust in God and know that He is preparing you according to His Will. In the mean time, allow your trust in His promise to be assured and I am sure that your waiting will not go in vain.
Father God, we come to you with humble hearts, minds and with a renewed sense of patience in your Will to take part in our lives. In times of weakness and struggle to get through our situations, Lord we pray that we seek you for better understanding of Your Word and the patience to see Your great works manifest in our lives. I pray that we are of full understanding of the power of prayer and how it can turn our insurmountable obstacles into valuable lessons to further prepare us for our future. Thank you for allowing us to be believers and know that all things will work together for the good. We praise you, we honor you, and we love you with all of our being. We pray these things in the magnificent name of Jesus, Amen and Praise God!

His Word Bond…. Is yours???

Many times we say that we are going to do things, with EVERY intention of doing exactly as we say…. Whereas sometimes we tell people what they want to hear versus being truthful with our intentions!!! But why do we lie about things like this… Why do we make promises that we KNOW we are not going to keep?? Why do we insist on saying that we will do things, when deep down we know that we will not follow thorough??

Keep your word

As a child of God, how would you feel if The Lord reneged on some of his promises. Deuteronomy 31:6 says: “Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid or tremble at them, for the LORD your God is the one who goes with you. He will not fail you or forsake you.” — But what if you were in the midst of some mess and God just said “Oh… Not today, I’m failing him today!!! He isn’t worthy!!”… Or how about God’s promise in Isaiah 41:10, ‘Do not fear, for I am with you; Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, Surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’ — But what if God said, “Oh, I’m gone, you was strong and mighty last night, you don’t need me… You don’t need my help!! You got this playa!!”… How would you feel about that???

Like for real, how would we feel if God treated us like that?? How would we feel if someone that we love, respect, cherish, depend on, etc. did not follow through with the promises that they made!! I already know, it would genuinely hurt!! It would be a palpable hurt. We would lose faith in that person and everything that they say from then on out would be null and void, regardless of their intentions!!!

We have to keep our word to others just as we expect people to keep their word to us. But not only that, we have to keep our vows and commitments that we make to God, for him to see us faithful. Numbers 30:2 lays it out PLAIN and CLEAR to us, “If a man vows a vow to the LORD, or swears an oath to bind himself by a pledge, he shall not break his word. He shall do according to all that proceeds out of his mouth”.

Keeping our word is imperative to our walk with Christ!!! Keeping our word is also imperative to any and every relationship in which we engage!!! Be the friend that others can rely on!!! Be the person that EVERYONE knows will follow through!!! Be great in every aspect of your life and know that GOD sees your faithfulness but most of all, he will honor your faithfulness to Him.

Let us pray: Heavenly Father, we come to you right now, thanking you for your grace and your new mercies!!! Thanking you for you for protecting us even when we knew we were wrong!! Thanking you for keeping your promises to us even when we are undeserving!! Lord we pray right now, asking you to forgive us. Forgive us for not doing as we say, not keeping promises to you or to our friends, family, peers or colleagues! God forgive us for not being the man or woman of God that you have called us to be!!! Lord we just want to be great!!! We want to live like you and be an influence to all of those around us!!! Thank you Lord for meeting us where we are and giving us the tools we need to survive!! We will work harder to keep our word!!! We will strive to keep our promises and glorify you in the midst!!! We thank you and praise you for EVERYTHING you are doing in our lives!!! I say this prayer in your son Jesus name I pray. Amen and Praise God!!


Whew, it has been a LONG TIME since I posted….. Like, over a month….. But this has been on my heart for a few days, so I need to express it!!! Its is really random, I have not studied a whole bunch, and its just flowing from the tips of my fingers……. Thus being said, here we go!!! 


How many times to we see on social media, “pray for me”, “pray for mom, she is ill”, “pray for my family in our time of need”, etc…. Well, I see it all the time and so many times I say that I am going to pray for that person and completely forget!!! Or, I will have the BEST intentions to pray for the person and I never do because life happens! I guess I just want to encourage you that when we say we are going to pray for someone, pray for them right then! 

I got a phone call a few weeks ago…. The call was FULL OF DRAMA, and I really didn’t want to hear it, so I just cut the conversation short and told the young lady that we were going to pray. We prayed about each person involved in the mess, and even for a breakthrough for the drama starters. I prayed right then for the salvation of everyone involved and for peace beyond all understanding. ~~~ After I prayed I felt so much better. I wasn’t upset nor was I aggravated due to the nature of the conversation. Prayer defiantly changes things!!

But if you are not sure how to pray, here are a few things that can help you:

  • Take The Time: The girls I sing with fasted and prayed together for a month. We each told our prayer requests via GroupMe and everyday at Noon, we prayed for our prayer requests. The Noon hour worked for all for all of us and it drew us closer, but even more that, we spent imitate time with Christ praying for each other! 
  • Prayer Journal: Get a notebook, decorate it, and write your prayers down. Writing usually releases those emotions that you cant always get out. 
  • There Is NO Right Way To Pray: When you are praying to God, you are merely talking to him and being thankful and requesting things from him. You can talk to him like he is your bestfriend, your parents, your home boy/girl, just talk to him….
  • Be YOURSELF: Sometimes we can be intimidated during prayer time, but just be yourself!!! Our Heavenly Father will accept you for you as long as you have a genuine heart! 
  • Let It Transform You: Practice makes perfect. The entire Christian life, including prayer, is something that we have to work on to become better at it. God can do amazing things in us through our reaching out to him in prayer (This was taken from

When we pray, we have to be honest with ourselves so we can be honest with God! And when we say we are going to pray for people, pray right then! It would mean so much more for you to pray with them and let them hear or see your prayer rather than the thought that the person may or may not have prayed when they said they did! I hope this post helps someone! 

I know it was very random and not as put together as other posts, but know that God wants your hearts…. Point, blank, period!!!

Prayer: Father God, I just want to say thank you! Thank you for this opportunity to minister and to just open the incite for someone that may not have a relationship with you. Father I just pray right now for all your children. I pray that you will increase in the hearts of your people so that your light can shine  in the midst of this dark world! Lord I am asking that you will bless all those that are sick, hurt, heartbroken, and insecure. I pray for those people that are literally losing their mind, that don’t know you, Lord I’m praying for those that don’t believe in your power! Father I am asking right now that you grant to the prayer requests of those that I said I would pray for and may have neglected. Lord I am asking you to continue to be with all those that are reading this and those may be struggling to get to know you. Father God, I am just asking you to do great things in my life as I know you will! I ask all these things in your son Jesus name I pray.

Amen and Praise God! 

Bring Back Our Girls!!!


As many of us celebrated Mother’s Day today, I could only think about the Nigerian mothers still mourning the abduction of their daughters. Such a tragic event and so little is being done!!

My prayer today is that the Holy Spirit consume these parents and give them peace in the time of a storm. I know that’s easier said than done, but I serve an almighty God that can do exceedingly and abundantly above all we could ask or think.


My prayer is that these daughters know Christ, or that the Lord will send someone to tell them the good news. I pray that our girls are protected, and that they have the strength to fight in such a tough battle. I pray that our girls are “Safe ln His Arms”.


Bring Back Our Girls!!! These girls deserve the rest of their lives. They deserve the right to an education. They deserve the right to express themselves. They deserve to be with their families. They deserve so much, that has been taken away by the Islamic Terrorists!! Jesus, bless their hearts!!!


Jesus protect these babies. Hold them, consume them!!! Fill them with the Holy Spirit so they can feel your love. Lord bless them, protect them, LOVE them. In Jesus name I pray!!! Amen and Praise God!!

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The Love Fast: Day 11

Day 11

The fail of my marriage, was one of the hardest times of my life. I was very much so hurt by him and the abuse, but I was also very down, because divorce was not an option for me! I pointed all the blame at him for the fail of the marriage, but I never looked at my own faults.  My friend Riley was one of greatest blessings when I was going through my divorce. He and I talked about my marriage, he asked me questions about it, and he made me think about the situation from another point of view. He gave it to me straight and opened my eyes to many things!! Thank you Rilo!!! You are GREAT!!

So now, when I think back at my marriage, I realize that I am not a great communicator. I’m not good at expressing my feelings and talking about things that matter! I literally experienced this a few days ago when talking to “Tenderoni”, we sat at the dinner table for 3 hours, yet I still had to send him a text to convey exactly what I was trying to say!!! It’s really bad!!! But I am working on it!!! However, I do know that communication is the key to a lasting relationship!

So I have openly admitted that I am not the best communicator, so I have had to so do some research….. Here we go!!:

  1. Choose the Right Words: To effectively promote the desired love, unity and intimacy in a relationship, both partners must learn to choose words that are seasoned with respect, love and submission. The right words used at the right time will douse doubt, fear and unwanted judgment. Everything you say should promote your feelings and show loyalty and respect to your partner, regardless how hurt you are. Allow your words to be the pillars to a successful conversation!

    2. Avoid Assumptions: Many times, we assume things that we do not understand, and his can be very harmful to a harmonious relationship. Take the time to listen to what your mate is saying, not just assume what is going to be said. I’m sure we have all sure that when you assume, you make and a** out of you and me. Assumptions are so harmful, so I suggest, if you don’t know, ASK, you can’t be afraid to question the unknown!!

3. Choose The Proper Time To Speak: ”To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven… A time to rend, and a time to hate; a time to keep silence, a time to speak” (Ecclesiastes3:1-10). There is the need to know your partner’s mood and temperament before discussing  critical issues. No matter how overwhelming the matter may be, choose carefully when and where to you approach the topic.

4. Learn To Listen:  Listening and hearing are TWO DIFFERENT THINGS!!! To listen is to acknowledge what is being said, to hear is to acknowledge a sound. Communication is a two-way process and it requires the cooperation between the speaker and the listener. Listen attentively to what your partner is saying and give accurate feedback. Try not to hear certain words, LISTEN to the complete thought for your partner’s point of view!
5. Be Open And Truthful: Being open is letting your mate in! Giving your partner the insight they deserve in the relationship. be discussed! Being open and honest will take your relationship to a different level.

In a relationship, you are bound to have a difference of opinion. You are bound to view things differently! You are bound to disagree! But, you must open the lines of communication so that your partner will understand where you are coming from and know your thought process for the future! As you enter into new relationships, ask God to help you be more open with your feelings, ask him to give you a listening ear! Ask the Lord to give you and your mate a tender heart!!

Prayer: Father God in Heaven, thank you for this day! Thank you for my eagerness to want to be more like you as I prepare myself for my season of love! Father I ask that you work on me as it relates to being an awesome communicator! Father I ask that you will bestow upon me everything that I need to be the best person for my partner! Lord I ask that you will show me my faults in the realm of communication and I pray that you will show me how to fix them! Father, I love you and I know that you are working on me RIGHT NOW, so God I just ask that you continue to be a present help for me! I pray that you will mold me into the person you want me to be and that you improve me for my mate! God, I thank you in advance and I praise you for all the things you have done, are doing, and will do in my life! I say this prayer in your son Jesus name I pray. Amen and Praise God!

The Love Fast: Day 8

Prayer Printable smaller

As for me, I’m like most females! I have dreamed of the perfect fairy tale for my life! I just knew that by age 25 I would have been graduated from college, working my dream job, married to the MOST AMAZING man this side of Heaven has to offer, and running around after a chocolate-drop (kid) or two. I had so many plans for my life; however, I am quickly realizing that my wants are not God’s will! So I have just begun to pray! Not only am I praying for myself, but I am praying for my future husband!

Now when my women’s group said that they prayed for “Mr. Future”, I thought they were CRAZY!!! I just knew that these ladies were a little special, but then I began to pray. I prayed for my future, my son’s future, and my prayer journeyed to Mr. Future. I felt pretty liberated to pray for a man that wasn’t in my life yet. I prayed for his health, his wellness, his future, his mindset, his career, his parenting, his relationship with Christ, his family, just so many things! I just began to cover him in prayer!!! Weird, I know!!! But hey, why not??

Praying for my future husband has really opened my mindset about prayer. Phillipians 4:6 says “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God”. As much as I want to be married, I had to really rely on this scripture! And the more I prayed, I began to feel satisfaction in just lifting him up in prayer.

Job 42:10 says: “And the Lord restored the fortunes of Job, when he had prayed for his friends. And the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before.”  So, let us break this down, The Lord restored the fortunes of _____________ (ß your name here), when you pray for your friends (your future spouse should be your BEST FRIEND, your ride or die, your prayer partner, your ACE). And the Lord gave _____________ (ß your name here) twice as much as he had before (your spouse, your babies, the love you pray for). Below you will find several prayers to constantly pray for your future spouse, I am stealing these from another blog, but they covered my list and more!!

  1. Pray for his/her walk with God, that he/she continues to grow spiritually and is prepped to be the spiritual partner, and that he/she makes God the top priority in his/her life.
  2. Pray for his/her ability to hear God’s voice, for his/her ear to be in tune to hear all of God’s instructions.
  3. Pray for his/her will to be bendable toward whatever God wants for his/her life.
  4. Pray for his/her emotional health—that any past wounds be dealt with and healed. Pray for restoration in all areas.
  5. Pray for his/her physical health.
  6. Pray that he/she break free of any unhealthy addictions, if needed.
  7. Pray for his/her career, his/her life’s work, that he/she be established in the field where God wants to use him/her and that he/she be wise with his resources.
  8. Pray for his/her ministry—that he/she be sensitive to God’s call on his/her life when it comes to ministering to and serving others. Also, pray for God to prepare both of you for the ways you will minister together.
  9. Pray for his/her preparation—that he/she yields to all that God’s potter’s hands would like to accomplish in him/her.
  10. Pray for God to send any trials necessary into his/her life that will allow the preparation process to be complete.
  11. Pray for God to prepare him/her to be a father/mother, if the two of you will ultimately raise a family together.
  12. Pray for God to help him/her be responsible with his/her finances and prepare him/her to be a significant contributor and provider to the household.
  13. Pray for him/her to not be distracted by any counterfeits—especially other women/men that God doesn’t intend to use for his/her growth.
  14. Pray for God to allow this man/woman to see you the way God wants you to be seen, with God’s heart toward you.
  15. Pray for God to show you how to pray for your husband/wife. Be open to whatever His Spirit may whisper to you, to cover your husband’s/wife’s needs. If you feel God gives you something specific, write it down and date it. Save it for later.

In the beginning, covering your future spouse in prayer is HARD!!! But know that God has someone ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for you! Keep your relationship with Christ at the top of your prayer list, as you are seeking love! But know that he has it all in control! He has your life planned out to a T and he will provide everything you need! Jesus loves you, and he is preparing you for your future mate, just as he is preparing your mate for you!!!

Prayer: Heavenly Father, I come to you today first just to say THANK YOU!!! You’ve been oh so good to me, and you meet my needs day after day, and I just thank you!!! Father I am asking you for discernment as I seek my future spouse! I ask you to cover my mate and myself as you are preparing us for each other! Lord I ask you for protection, for favor, for your love and your covering! Lord I ask that you will just be with me as I am on my love journey! Father I love you and I praise you for all the great things you are doing in my life and will do in my future! I say this prayer in your son Jesus name I pray!

Amen and Praise God!!!


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Happy Birthday Pastor Ware!!!

Finding a church home after my divorce was VERY hard! I knew I wanted to be in a place where the music ministry was AWESOME, the pastor preached a sound word, the pastor openly loved his or her spouse. I wanted to go somewhere that I would be able to jump into ministry and grow in Christ! Praise the Lord!! My little sister Taz invited me to New Monumental SEVERAL times, and I always declined her offer or told her maybe another day!!


About a year ago, I finally went! And I haven’t stop going since! Pastor Ware was one of the most genuine people that I ever heard deliver the word. He was very transparent, yet he truly brought a word from God! The first Sunday I was at New Monumental, he preached and was ALL UP IN MY BUSINESS!!! The Holy Spirit was speaking to me like never before and I was hooked! The music ministry was on point, you could see the praise in the singers! 

Well, about 2 months later, I finally joined the church! I had to call the church for something and Pastor Ware answered the phone. COMPLETELY caught me off guard! He knew exactly who I was when I called, I’m sure with some assistance, but he was just so genuine and he welcomed me to the church and extended his help if I ever needed anything! Just so genuine and funny!!! Well to say the least, it made me feel so much more comfortable at NMBC.


So today, I just want to wish you a Happy Birthday Pastor! I pray that is year is even greater than your last! I pray that this year exceeds any expectation that you may have and that all of your wishes and dreams come true! Pastor you are such a genuine person and I really appreciate you for being you! I appreciate your kinds words, and you huge heart! Pastor Ware, today is your day and I pray you enjoy EVERY MINUTE of it!!! Have a beautiful and happy birthday!! 

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They Hung Him High!!!!

Happy Resurrection Weekend folks!!! As the Lenten season is coming to a close, and we prepare to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ, remember all the madness Christ went through for US!! Christ died for us to live life more abundantly. His GRACE and MERCY has saved us, and has granted us eternal life even though we sin and fall short of the glory!!!

Lets thank God RIGHT NOW, for ALL he does for us, and all he hs done!!! Lets thank him for eternal life! Lets thank him for meeting us where we are!! Lets thank him for being a constant provider, protector, comforter, lover, healer, friend, Savior…. Lets thank him for dying for our salvation!

And as we think back over all the things we have done in our lives, all the times that if it wasn’t for Christ we could have been dead and gone. All those times we were drunk out of our mind or so high on a controlled substance that we were uncontrollable!! Think about all the sexual partners that we’ve been with, yet we are free of STDs, no HIV/AIDs. Think about that season of depression, that we thought we had absolutely NOTHING and absolutely NO-ONE, but we survived.  This was God folks!!!

The Resurrection of Christ has granted us NEW MERCIES!!! Because he died and rose, we are able to rise above all of our mess and live an awesome life according to Gods will.

Hope your Resurrection Sunday is powerful!!! Be blessed!!


Kwasi Enin, Teen Accepted To All 8 Ivy League Schools, Visits David Letterman [WATCH]

So may times we hear SUCH negativity about young black men!!! But check him out, accepted to ALL 8 Ivy League school!!! GO Kwasi Enin!!!

Black America Web

17-year-old Kwasi Enin from Long Island, New York, made the news recently after being accepted into all eight Ivy League schools!

Since the story hit the web, Enin has been all over the place doing interviews including “The Late Show” with David Letterman. On the show, Enin took over Letterman’s Top Ten list and gave us ten “Ways to Make Your College Application Stand Out”.

We think this kid is going to do great things!

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